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Ian Butzphal

I am currently teaching a Home Inspection course at Vanier College. I enrolled in this same course in 2008. It was
at that time, a year and a half long. In 2010, after excelling in the program, I was asked by the instructor if I would
be interested in teaching the course. I accepted and found that I enjoy giving back what I learned from my career in
the industry. Teaching also keeps me sharp as an inspector. My students also teach me to see things from fresh
eyes and from a different perspective which in turn can help me to understand my clients point of view. I have an
industry recognized diploma from CAHPI (Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors).

For several years, I was the Construction Consultant both on and off camera on the hit TV show Debbie Travis’ FACELIFT.  My strict standards of quality fit well with the show and were highly appreciated.  It was an enjoyable experience though I was never very comfortable in front of the camera!

While trying my hand in the television industry, I continued as a contractor and launched a residential development project in Saint Lazare.  I developed a small parcel of land into several private lots with a new road and sanitary system.  I personally built my own house on one of these lots. I wanted to challenge myself by building as much of my house as I could by myself.  I single-handedly did about ninety percent of the work. When it came time to install the roof, I hired help.  You probably can imagine the difficulty and danger in trying to hold and nail 40 foot long roof trusses alone, 25 feet off the ground - on a windy day! Not many home inspectors can say they have built their own homes and even fewer can say they built the street and sanitary system for that house.

My skills don’t lie solely in the hands-on aspects of house construction but also with estimating, coordinating tradesman, and materials supply.  I am also able to draw up plans through computer assisted design (CAD) including modifying plans to suit client’s personal needs.  I have submitted drawings for approval in many different cities.  I continue to increase my knowledge of residential construction through study and training.  After many years of working in nearly all aspects of residential construction, I feel uniquely qualified to apply my knowledge to home inspections. I didn't just read about it, I did it. Are you going to renovate the home you are about to purchase? Let me know as I may have some tips and tricks to help you succeed in your renovation project.

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